Sunday, September 21, 2008

they/re gone they/re gone THEY/RE GONE WOOHOO

we caught another mouse in box. this time, however, devyn could have caught it. if tracy hadn/t been a helf a step behind vyn as they went into the kitchen, vyni would have caught it. tracy scooped up my puppy, handed her to me, got a box, and put it over the mouse and the mouse didn/t move a muscle. we slid the CAT scan under the box, got the lid (since we had time to think about it this time, we used a much smaller box so it was easier to manuever with a mouse in it), flipped the box over (still NOTHING from the mouse, not a squeak of protest or any sort of attempt to escape), moved the CAT scan and put the lid on the box. of course, we let vyn check out the mouse in the box first, then we got in the car to drive the thing out to the field to let it go.

by the time we got on shoes and got into the car, the little creature had his face pressed to the side of the box. by the time we got down the street to the field, he only had one eye open. when tracy gently poured him out onto the ground he just lay there all flumped.
sad, i know, but happy too. it means the orkin man did his job. that mouse was obviously dying before our eyes. and i do feel bad, but tracy and i agreed. we don/t feel TOO bad. when the mice came in to our house they were declaring war. and we won.
as we watched tv tonight, we kept pausing it just to listen to the absolute nothingness. it was so nice. it had been DAYS since you couldn't hear them scurrying around in the walls or under the oven. and tonight, nothing.
they/re gone. they/re gone. THEY/RE GONE.