Tuesday, May 26, 2009

how i spent my memorial day weekend . . .
by Devyn Leigh DaCosta

with my finger-paints

i painted pictures

. . . and myself

(the pictures are for my cousins, so all cousins. . .keep an eye on the mailbox)

we went to the beach

and played on the playground

look at how the curls come out in the humidity


and we had SO MUCH FUN we went back the next day (thinking about YOU Pops)

we went to my auntie val/s house and swam

(it was cold)
i played hide-and-seek with my mom and of course i won

also, naturally, there was pesky potty training, eating, and sleeping in there also.
(i know you dig the drawn-on shirt)

i/d say, three day weekends with my mom and dad rock!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

the legitimization of my daughter

shel and i finally tied the knot. we just had a little ceremony with my family and his mom at the park yesterday afternoon and then had a cookout and a lot of fun. it was great and now my last name has two capital letters in it. that rocks. these are only the pics taken on my camera, but as this was just yesterday, these are the pictures i have already. i/ll post more from other cameras as i get them. (okay, this has been sitting here waiting for me to upload the pics, and i now have the ones from val/s camera too. so here/s both)

devyn LOVED the punch - see her "punch smile"

me, my baby, and my daddy

Miles is so Stinking CUTE!!!

me and my skinny sister :-)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

family reunion

we all got together for my upcoming nuptials this weekend. when we all get together, we usually have fun. and play games. and sometimes. . . spit on my dad :0) there was a lot of rock band played here in the last 24 hours, and i/m expecting there will be alot more. i know i/ve got a post on here somewhere when the rock band was new, but in this one, even my dad is jamming. rock band on!!!

the next morning, vyni drug the chair from the computer (in the other room) back over to the drumset, pulled out the foot pedal, got the drum sticks, and had a little solo jam session of her own. she/s the cutest thing EVER!