Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 quirky things

thanks q. . .
i/m not entirely sure what constitutes "quirky" so hopefully these pass. . .

1.) i LOVE to sing along to the radio at the top of my lungs. yes, i/ve had a mailman laugh uncontrollably when he pulled up beside me at a red light and i was bellowing out "ants marching" by dmb. the quirky part is, if i don/t know the correct words, i have no qualms to making up my own. ergo, i come up with lyrics like "hush hush. even downtown voices carry" and "beverly hills. that/s where i want to be. beverly hills. rollin' like a silk deputy" and "better give me all your gozners. this patient/s fading fast".

2.) i am a travel brochure junkie. i keep them in a mudd shoebox in my closet, which is now taped together everywhere because it/s so old. every so often, i just get online and order them from every place i/ve ever heard of, whether i have any intention of visiting there or not. most of them, i don/t even read. when we go to bob evan/s, i go through the brochures in the foyer and grab any i don/t already have. i don/t know why. hi, my name is jill and i/m a brochure-aholic.

3.) i am probably the biggest dork most of you know, but it/s so much fun.

4.) i hate people. for the most part, i think we all pretty much suck. i don/t do crowds well. i don/t do wal-mart well. i don/t do parties or clubs. i don/t like people.

5.) i still wear scrunchies. i am not particularly drawn to them, but i/m not particularly put off by them either. i am a big fan of keeping my hair out of my face. and for the most part i will do this with whatever is handy. and yes, sometimes that is a scrunchie. or a rubber. or a pencil. or a clippie. and i/m not really particular about it matching what i/m wearing either. the scrunchie i keep at work for days when my hair looks good in the morning so i think to myself "i/ll leave it down today" and then two hours into work i really just want something to keep it out of my face - that scrunchie is green. and it/s no pale green or even grass green. it/s neon lime. and i wear it often.

6.) i don/t like flavor. the blander the better. when asked my favorite food, i/m quick to say "smothered in cheese" because for the most part cheese is the only "spice" i use. i don/t salt anything. i was on a road trip with my sisters once and we were playing that "would you rather" game, and one of the things in my choice of "would you rather" was to eat something (sorry val, i remember it was mexican food, but not what) and the adjectives "really flavorful" went in front. it lost.

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Valarie said...

I agree. You are a pretty big dork. :)