Saturday, September 11, 2010

my tiny dancer

today was our first dance class!!! my sisters tried to tell me she wouldnt do anything, and it did take her a second to warm up. but then she danced right along with everyone else. the little kids (vyn/s class) is in the back of the 3 studios so that there isn/t a window that the kids can see their parents through and get distracted. so i had to watch her on cc tv. it worked to watch, and was awesome, but it made for sucky pics with my 6 yr old camera! next week, i will see if i can't borrow one from a sister if they/re going to be in town. but for now, this is better than nothing!
all ready for class!!!
the studio

ballet. she learned to stand on her tippy toes and how to pliƩ.

when it was time to change from ballet shoes to tap, vyn just stood behind the teacher (ms. pat) and whatever child she was helping to change shoes. until ms. pat realized vyn was standing there and sent her to get her own bag and tap shoes.

tap. she learned to shuffle and to "heel-toe"

showing off what she learned once we got home. (sort of. this is not the better of the 2 ballet videos we took, but blogger is getting an error when i try to upload the good one. so again, it's better than nothing, but not the best.)