Sunday, November 30, 2008

best babysitter ever

i have discovered the best babysitter for my almost-2-year-old. he/s good with kids, keeps her entertained, and she doesn/t move a muscle the whole time he/s around. who is this wonder?

well, he lives in a pineapple under the sea. . .

Saturday, November 29, 2008

at the beach

we went to the beach tonight. we didn/t go to the actual beach, but we walked along the pier and shopped at all the little vendors, we danced in the pavilion to the little calypso band playing "the lion sleeps tonight", jason jumped on the bungee/trampoline contraption (after evan chickened out. jason whooped and hollered and attracted quite a crowd. at one point, with each bounce he yelled out "this" bounce "is" bounce "fun" bounce. he tried to do a somersault a couple of times. the first try was kind of successful. the second try not so much. and on the posted rules, it stated you were NOT allowed to land on the trampoline on your head. so after the second attempt he gave up on the somersault.) and, best of all, vyni got her picture taken with some beach bum santa. it/s the cutest pic ever. doesn/t she just look petrified???

Sunday, November 23, 2008

my little upside-down toadstool

vyni got out of the bath today and looked all cute with her drippy hair and bundled up in the towel. tracy said she looked like a little upside-down toadstool. she/s so freaking cute i can/t hardly stand it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

i/m so excited

it's for sure. shel can stay with us when he gets out. i/m so excited i can/t sit still. i don/t know what i/m going to do for the next 22 days. I CAN/T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

misc from tal

here/s just some leftover pics of the fun we had in tallahassee. kaily and vyni sleeping on the way there. tracy sleeping on the way there. quesas' big belly (Woohoo Baby Blimes! C/mon baby, we/re all rooting for ya). kaily with a paper turkey on her head. and andy and vyn bonding. i really do love our trips up there. i/m gonna miss seeing andy and q on a regular basis. i hope the economy stays (gets?) good and gas stays low enough (Go $1.89!!!) that we can still make that trip even without the great motivation of a daddy for my baby. i love you both.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belt It , Baby

Me, my daughter, my sisters, and a niece all went up to Tallahassee this past weekend for my SIL's baby shower. The shower was great and we had lots of fun. However, my baby brother (after several failed attempts at Wal-Marts at midnight and getting lost and taking an hour and a half to get to a store 15 miles away) bought the new band edition of Guitar Hero at the crack of dawn this morning. Our original plan was to head back home around 9 am, but with the arrival of the game the departure of the Tampa-ians was postponed. Everyone loved it, even Vyni who took her turn not only on the drums and singing, but with the bass (And Marquesas' help). I love our visits to the big T and totally plan on still making that trip as often as possible even after my felon comes home.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Okay, so we're going to Tallahassee tomorrow for Marquesas' baby shower. I couldn't decide what to take for Vyni to wear. The gang of girls (me, Devyn, Tracy, Valarie, and Kaily) are all spending the night at our apartment to head out in the morning together. So, I set up the four outfits I couldn't decide between and asked their opinions. You would think this would be an easy thing. Which is best? That one, okay. But no. I set out all four outfits. Then we all got a "ballot " (a.k.a. ripped up piece of envelope) and a pen and then all 4 of us went about assigning each of the four outfits a score. 1-4, 4 to the outfit we liked the best, 3 to the next best outfit, 2 to the next, and 1 to the worst. Then we added the total score for each outfit and Voila!! winner. My family is the funnest bunch of goobers around.

(For those that care, the winner was the skirt and brown sweater/shirt and boots -- second from the left.)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Fab 5

My Puppy and her cousins all dressed up like super heroes. They were the cutest little super heroes ever. Of course, Kyle got an upset belly and had to quick trick-or-treating early, at which point his daddy took his bag around for him to get candy. "We/ve got a sick Iron Man at home," Jason would say as he held out Kyle's bag. And then Kaily, cutest little Bat Girl ever, announced "He/s not that sick, he just has diarrhea". teeheehee. 8 year olds say anything.

Vyni LOVED the trick-or-treating. Although she didn/t say "trick or treat" ever, she did tell eveyone "thank you" and "bye" and then scream "yay yay yay" as we walked down the sidewalk to the next house. Her little pumpkin bucket got so full she was dragging it on the ground behind her, but she absolutely FELL OUT if I tried to dump some of the candy into the Wal-Mart bag I'd brought along, or tried to take the bucket and carry it for her, or even if I tried to carry her. So I just let her drag it along and hold it out when people answered the door. She was in heaven. Of course, she/s not so hot on the chocolate (CRAZY BABY!!!!!) so she/s pretty much sticking to the lollipops and the gummi LifeSavers.

Happy Halloween!!!
And The Cousins. . . (Pilched from my sisters blog. Hi Val. :-) and taken with my mom's camera which way way WAY better than mine)