Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

even merrier christmas to all that can go to beach

so - i heard my "in-laws" in indiana were having 20 below wind chill temps and figured i/d rub our 82 degrees on christmas day weather in their faces and my own little family :-) went to the beach. it was, in fact, hot and sweaty and there were chics in bikinis with no goosebumps. florida does have it/s up-side.

merry christmas to all

okay. so yesterday was quite the day. santa was surprisingly good to vyni and i/d just like to thank everyone that helped him help us. . .
so, without any further ado, here/s them pics i know you/re all really after when you get on here. . .

so there she is opening everything. . .
and here she is enjoying everything. . .
yes - that/s a marshmallow spongebob on a stick

Monday, December 22, 2008

yah that/s spongebob

we went to wal-mart the other day to get some soap and some christmas ribbon for vyni/s hair. as we walked into the store, devyn starts excitedly exclaiming "that/s spongebob!! that/s spongebob!!!" shel and i are frantically looking around at the cookies and clothes and other things by where we were standing. and then we spotted the balloon, three-quarters of the way down the store floating at the end of one of the checkout lanes.
i hate to admit, (especially after making fun of shel so much for the past week) i am not immune to the cuteness. (but look at how happy she is. these pics are after she held the ballon around the store, after giving it eskimo kisses while we waited in line, and after she snuggled with him for the car trip home. and she/s still clapping and exclaiming yah!! gotta love her.)

in this pic, she actually has the ribbon he/s attached to pulled tight against her forehead.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

sunday best

awwww. don/t we look cute in our christmas outfits? it certainly doesn/t feel like christmas here. you/d think i/d be use to the sweltering christmas day weather by now, but i/m not. i/m not complaining about it either. . .

Saturday, December 13, 2008

the reunion

after an extremely long and boring drive
that started out during the day and didn/t end until the night
i finally got my baby back

and then we did a long (but not so boring since i wasn/t alone) drive back home and we were a happy family

Thursday, December 11, 2008

OMG it/s finally time

well, tonight is my last night at home alone. i can/t freaking believe and i really can/t wait. (or sleep, it/s a little after midnight and i/m not tired at all.)

if you've read all my past posts you know i/m the biggest dork most of you know. keeping that in mind, when i first moved into the apartment that i/m in now, i cut out a whole crap load (not being a memory chic i don/t remember the exact number) of construction paper strips and made one of those chains where every day you rip off a link and count down to whatever it is you/re counting down to.
it looked like this back then. . .
it covered the ceiling from wall to wall and just left room for the fan to spin.
and now, it looks like this. . .
(that/s my cutie little tiny's picture they took in the hospital when she was brand new. isn/t she adorable!!!)
that/s right people. day after tomorrow ( and today is really tomorrow already so i/m talking TO MOR ROW with a capital T O M O R R O W) shel comes home and i/m no longer a single mom. or single. :-)
i can/t freaking wait!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

(patiently???) waiting

what/s in the box you ask? well, i/ll tell you. it/s one pair of boxers, one pair of socks, one pair of shoes (not boots), one shirt, one pair of pants (not shorts) and one belt.
what does 'C.I.' in the address mean you ask? well, i/ll tell you. it means 'correctional institution' a.k.a. prison
what does the 'E.O.S' written all over the box mean you ask? well, i/ll tell you. it means END OF SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!