Monday, December 22, 2008

yah that/s spongebob

we went to wal-mart the other day to get some soap and some christmas ribbon for vyni/s hair. as we walked into the store, devyn starts excitedly exclaiming "that/s spongebob!! that/s spongebob!!!" shel and i are frantically looking around at the cookies and clothes and other things by where we were standing. and then we spotted the balloon, three-quarters of the way down the store floating at the end of one of the checkout lanes.
i hate to admit, (especially after making fun of shel so much for the past week) i am not immune to the cuteness. (but look at how happy she is. these pics are after she held the ballon around the store, after giving it eskimo kisses while we waited in line, and after she snuggled with him for the car trip home. and she/s still clapping and exclaiming yah!! gotta love her.)

in this pic, she actually has the ribbon he/s attached to pulled tight against her forehead.


Valarie said...

Man that baby is CUTE!

Mrs. Blimes said...

lord please let me get a cute baby too!!!