Thursday, December 11, 2008

OMG it/s finally time

well, tonight is my last night at home alone. i can/t freaking believe and i really can/t wait. (or sleep, it/s a little after midnight and i/m not tired at all.)

if you've read all my past posts you know i/m the biggest dork most of you know. keeping that in mind, when i first moved into the apartment that i/m in now, i cut out a whole crap load (not being a memory chic i don/t remember the exact number) of construction paper strips and made one of those chains where every day you rip off a link and count down to whatever it is you/re counting down to.
it looked like this back then. . .
it covered the ceiling from wall to wall and just left room for the fan to spin.
and now, it looks like this. . .
(that/s my cutie little tiny's picture they took in the hospital when she was brand new. isn/t she adorable!!!)
that/s right people. day after tomorrow ( and today is really tomorrow already so i/m talking TO MOR ROW with a capital T O M O R R O W) shel comes home and i/m no longer a single mom. or single. :-)
i can/t freaking wait!!!!


Valarie said...

Ahh, yes, I remember when the chain looked never ending. IT looks so puny now. :)
Drive carefully!

Mrs. Blimes said...

See you tonight!!!