Saturday, January 31, 2009


i think it would rock to have a built-in bff in a cousin that was about my age and lived close enough. vyni and laney have that. laney is spending the weekend with us. we went to the park and they had a really good time.

here/s laney peeking through the holes in the tunnel.

here they are climbing and running and sliding together

to put it lightly, laney is FRENZIED in pretty much everything she does. so here she is swinging like a monkey from the bar at the top of the slide
and yes, she/s biting the steering wheel at the "race time" car

they went on the baby swings together. . .

and laney decided she was enough of a big girl to push vyni. . .

but she was wrong. . .

however -

they were both big enough to go on the big kid swings.

we all had a really good time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

my tiny kid

we went to the doctor today. since she/s two now, she/s a little big girl instead of a big little girl. so - they didn/t measure her head, and she got to stand on the scale (instead of laying on the baby scale) and got to stand up straight to get her height. she/s 26 pounds and she/s 34 1/4 inch tall. then, since she's a tiny kid now, she had to put on a paper gown once we got into the exam room. it was HUGE. i ended up rolling it up. and she HATED IT WITH A PASSION. but hey, who really likes those things? (sorry the pics are bad. i didn't know she was gonna be considered a tiny big girl so i took the pics with my phone)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Learning to Jump

my tiny is trying to jump. she hasn/t quite got the whole getting-her-feet-off-the-ground thing figured out yet. but it sure is cute to watch her try.

oh - and watch her like the third time she "jumps", the book she HAS to jump off of goes flying under the receiver. she spends a hot second wondering what happened to it when she/s ready to take her next turn. it makes me laugh. she/s so adorable.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

happy spongebob birthday

she/s getting so old. i just can't believe it. she talks so much. the other night she was talking in her sleep even. "a fish! a fish! oh i see! i see a fish!" she said. i couldn/t help but think it was the cutest thing i had seen in so long. she loves fish. and, as if any of you don/t already know, she loves her some spongebob. the first time she laughed at something on tv it was when patrick knocked all his dishes out of his cupboard and they all broke. she thought it was hilarious. anyway. so here/s some pics of her spongebob birthday celebration. i love you devyn.