Saturday, January 31, 2009


i think it would rock to have a built-in bff in a cousin that was about my age and lived close enough. vyni and laney have that. laney is spending the weekend with us. we went to the park and they had a really good time.

here/s laney peeking through the holes in the tunnel.

here they are climbing and running and sliding together

to put it lightly, laney is FRENZIED in pretty much everything she does. so here she is swinging like a monkey from the bar at the top of the slide
and yes, she/s biting the steering wheel at the "race time" car

they went on the baby swings together. . .

and laney decided she was enough of a big girl to push vyni. . .

but she was wrong. . .

however -

they were both big enough to go on the big kid swings.

we all had a really good time.

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Valarie said...

You did get some great pics! You can send em all to me!