Sunday, February 1, 2009

what is wrong with my nephew

okay, so laney is speding the weekend with us because her family went out of town. so we/re also taking care of tazzy (val/s dog) so actually spent the night at her house last night and are hanging out here today until they get home. so, we come in last night and we/ve got food we brought for meals today. so, i go to the fridge which, as always, is covered in val/s kids artwork (and he twilight poster becasue she/s a teensy weensy bit obsessed) and what beautiful artwork is displayed there today? why, it/s the picture kyle (the kindergartner) painted at school.

(if you can/t read it, the sentence says "the cat is drowning")

i/m now a little scared of kyle. . .

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Valarie said...

Be very, very afraid.