Saturday, January 9, 2010

the greatest show on earth

santa gave us tickets to ringling brothers and barnum and bailey in our stockings for christmas. all week long shel and i talked up the circus to devyn, and all week long her reply was "no circus no circus". she really had me nervous she was going to hate it.
she loved it. i don/t think she/s ever had that much fun in her life. she laughed and clapped and couldn/t decide where to watch. her favorites were the same things that are my favorites - the elephants and the motorcycles in the globe of steel. but she also really liked the motorcycle on the on the hight wire, because we were in the fourth row and they were directly above our heads.
i/ll tell you what though. i/m 33 years old and i/ve been to the circus probably 25 times in my life. and with devyn sitting beside me, the tigers made me nervous like they never have before. motherhood, ahhhh.
it was SO COLD tonight. we went the extra hour early when normally you can walk around outside and see all the animals, but because of the temperature (it was 37 degrees) they canceled that. they did let us into the building earlier than normal though, so that was nice. during the pre-show an elephany painted a picture that they raffled off. that was pretty neat. and devyn really like the moco jumbie (that's a song on nick jr. it/s the guys on stilts).
i do love the circus. and now devyn does too. it really is the greatest show on earth.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

one year older

happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear devyn. happy birthday to you.