Sunday, October 10, 2010

fall farm festival

i found this little fall farm festival. it was really a good time. we went with our friends christine and meghan. there were lots of farm-related things to do.
we rode ponies, fed the goats (and chickens, bunnies, geese, pigs, horses, and even a couple llamas), played in the little farmhouses, rode a cow-train, went on a hayride, got a bear-holding-a-heart shaped balloon from a clown, and roasted marshmallows. it was a hee-haw-great-time!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

my tiny dancer part II

ok - not sure how much better these are than the first ones, but the camera is much better so i/m guessing these pics are gonna be too. we can find out together. also - i/m not putting her name on these. (i/ve been trying and just don/t feel like figuring out what i/m doing wrong. i think maybe the pic files are too big, but i don/t know.) anyway. she/s in the exact same pink leotard with the skirt that 2 other little girls are in, so hopefully you can all figure out which one is her. :-)