Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belt It , Baby

Me, my daughter, my sisters, and a niece all went up to Tallahassee this past weekend for my SIL's baby shower. The shower was great and we had lots of fun. However, my baby brother (after several failed attempts at Wal-Marts at midnight and getting lost and taking an hour and a half to get to a store 15 miles away) bought the new band edition of Guitar Hero at the crack of dawn this morning. Our original plan was to head back home around 9 am, but with the arrival of the game the departure of the Tampa-ians was postponed. Everyone loved it, even Vyni who took her turn not only on the drums and singing, but with the bass (And Marquesas' help). I love our visits to the big T and totally plan on still making that trip as often as possible even after my felon comes home.


Valarie said...

Yeah, um, I'm gonna have to pay you back for posting that video!!!!

Mrs. Blimes said...

wow, we really do look boring in that video! hee hee hee i hope you, vyn and your felon :) will come visit us often too!