Saturday, November 29, 2008

at the beach

we went to the beach tonight. we didn/t go to the actual beach, but we walked along the pier and shopped at all the little vendors, we danced in the pavilion to the little calypso band playing "the lion sleeps tonight", jason jumped on the bungee/trampoline contraption (after evan chickened out. jason whooped and hollered and attracted quite a crowd. at one point, with each bounce he yelled out "this" bounce "is" bounce "fun" bounce. he tried to do a somersault a couple of times. the first try was kind of successful. the second try not so much. and on the posted rules, it stated you were NOT allowed to land on the trampoline on your head. so after the second attempt he gave up on the somersault.) and, best of all, vyni got her picture taken with some beach bum santa. it/s the cutest pic ever. doesn/t she just look petrified???

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