Friday, November 14, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Okay, so we're going to Tallahassee tomorrow for Marquesas' baby shower. I couldn't decide what to take for Vyni to wear. The gang of girls (me, Devyn, Tracy, Valarie, and Kaily) are all spending the night at our apartment to head out in the morning together. So, I set up the four outfits I couldn't decide between and asked their opinions. You would think this would be an easy thing. Which is best? That one, okay. But no. I set out all four outfits. Then we all got a "ballot " (a.k.a. ripped up piece of envelope) and a pen and then all 4 of us went about assigning each of the four outfits a score. 1-4, 4 to the outfit we liked the best, 3 to the next best outfit, 2 to the next, and 1 to the worst. Then we added the total score for each outfit and Voila!! winner. My family is the funnest bunch of goobers around.

(For those that care, the winner was the skirt and brown sweater/shirt and boots -- second from the left.)

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Mrs. Blimes said...

ok, i am missing all your posts! i have my blog list set to show me when my blogger buddies make a new post but it never tells me when you update! grrrr i need to figure this out.