Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Fab 5

My Puppy and her cousins all dressed up like super heroes. They were the cutest little super heroes ever. Of course, Kyle got an upset belly and had to quick trick-or-treating early, at which point his daddy took his bag around for him to get candy. "We/ve got a sick Iron Man at home," Jason would say as he held out Kyle's bag. And then Kaily, cutest little Bat Girl ever, announced "He/s not that sick, he just has diarrhea". teeheehee. 8 year olds say anything.

Vyni LOVED the trick-or-treating. Although she didn/t say "trick or treat" ever, she did tell eveyone "thank you" and "bye" and then scream "yay yay yay" as we walked down the sidewalk to the next house. Her little pumpkin bucket got so full she was dragging it on the ground behind her, but she absolutely FELL OUT if I tried to dump some of the candy into the Wal-Mart bag I'd brought along, or tried to take the bucket and carry it for her, or even if I tried to carry her. So I just let her drag it along and hold it out when people answered the door. She was in heaven. Of course, she/s not so hot on the chocolate (CRAZY BABY!!!!!) so she/s pretty much sticking to the lollipops and the gummi LifeSavers.

Happy Halloween!!!
And The Cousins. . . (Pilched from my sisters blog. Hi Val. :-) and taken with my mom's camera which way way WAY better than mine)

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Valarie said...

I will steal the comment that everyone keeps giving me.....They are SUPER cute!