Saturday, October 11, 2008

road trip

we made what will hopefully be our last trip to wewahitchka. woohoo.
doesn/t she look excited??
the camera man hadn/t shown up for work that day, so we didn/t get any pics with daddy that visit. but here she is with tracy, just before they headed up to see him.
the drive to tallahassee this trip was as eventful as the last time we went. some guy decided he wanted to kill himself by jumping in front of traffic. we/re zooming 60mph down US 19 and this guy jumped right out in front of us, looked tracy straight in the eye as we barrelled toward him, and just stood there. when tracy barely - and i mean by 2 inches or less - missed hitting him, he jumped into the next lane to try to get that guy to hit him. it was SCARY. and it sucked. big time. then we got ten minutes up the road and had to sit for about 45 minutes while 3 different life flight helicopters landed.
but we got there, and then tracy and vyn got to wewa, and we all got home safe. and hopefully that will be the last visit anyone i know ever has to make to prison.
decemeber 12th. two months from tomorrow. 62 days. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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