Wednesday, October 1, 2008

miscellaneous devyn

i pulled out my box of halloween stuff the other day and in it was some fuzzy handcuffs from a costume from a couple years ago. well, i dug through the box to get what i was after and then left the box open on my bedroom floor. devyn/s new favorite toy is the fuzzy handcuffs. they don/t get small enough to keep her hands bound, but she puts them on her ankles and then walks around in a circle and laughs and laughs and laughs. or --- falls asleep.

she talks to her daddy on the phone every day. 70 days and counting. woohoo!!!

her hair is FINALLY long enough for me to part down the middle and put in two little braids. and it/s just the cutest thing ever if i do say so myself.

i was doing laundry the other day and left the laundry basket on the couch. vyn got into it. let me start by saying she was wearing a blue t-shirt and jean shorts. then she put on the little green dress. then she put on my (padded) bra, and then she put on her cow jammie tops. this is the result. (okay, so my bra was HUGE on her obviously and the two so-padded-they-stand-alone cups did not stay parallel on her once the jammies went on. nice, i know.)

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Valarie said...

Dang, that is one cute baby!