Wednesday, August 20, 2008


last night i had a funky dream. i dreamed my boyfriend came home from prison but was shot and killed before i was allowed to see him. my mom went with me to his funeral. we stayed in a hotel that was more like a super-tall treehouse. we were sitting at the top of the stairs together talking when i realized just how high up we were. i am deathly afraid of heights, and looking down at the tops of the trees far below us had me rooted in fear. about the same time i decided i couldn/t move, my momma noticed this scary white-furred monster man coming up the stairs toward us. she/s grabbing at my arm and screaming for me to get into the hotel room, but i couldn/t will my legs to stand on the wood deck of the balcony so high up. i gather my senses and crawl to my hotel room and get the door closed just as the moster crashes against it. i lean into it and use my foot to help keep it blocked and closed and the monster bangs on it from the outside. he quickly gives up and walks away, only to return several minutes later with a vacuum cleaner. he then proceeds to talk through the door and tell me all the wonderful gadgets and attachments the vaccum has, and tries to get me to open the door so he can demonstrate how well it vacuums up his white hairballs from the thick carpet. i pull my cell phone from my pocket and call 9/1/1. then my alarm went off and i woke up. at first i was extremely sad over the loss of my boyfriend and extremely scared of the monster. it took me all of about three minutes to proceed to laugh out loud at the thought of some huge white-haired monster trying to trick me into opening the door for him by selling me a vacuum. sometimes dreams rock.

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