Tuesday, August 18, 2009

wee wee ahhh

i bought this dress for devyn and i love it. neither of my sisters do. i bought it as an easter dress and then got talked into buying the pink one she wore. but i/ve always liked this dress. so, i decided before it gets too small for her, i would put it on her and see if i could get some pics. (for those of you who are never around, she hates having her picture taken. when she gets a glimpse of the camera, she will turn her head and totally ignore you until you put the camera back down.)
so, none of these are especially cute pics, but the kid in them sure is. and so is the dress.

also, i straightened her hair the other day and look at how long it is!!!!!!!!!!!!


michelle said...

She is very cute and so is the dress. We missed seeing her when we were in Talli.

Love the straightened hair. Grandma Lee straightened Sierra's when we were in NC, but Sierra's hair is very short right now.

BTW, your mom has a framed picture of Sierra from when she was about 2 and when I saw it from afar I thought it was Devyn.

Bill Blimes said...

I love that dress. Of course, the little girl is adorable, as always, but the dress is definitely a good one.